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A10 Networks

A10 Networks A10 Certified Professional System Administration 4 Exam

A10 Networks A10 Certified Professional System Administration 4 Exam

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Certification Provider: A10 Networks
Exam: A10 Certified Professional System Administration 4
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of questions in the database: 33
Exam Version:  2023
Exam Topics:
  • Topic 1: Exam A

    Topic 1 - Exam A

    Question #1Topic 1

    When you execute a reboot command on the vMaster, how is aVCS Chassis affected?

    • A. Reboot is performed on vMaster and reload operation on vBlades.
    • B. All devices in the chassis are rebooted.
    • C. Reboot is performed on vMaster.
    • D. Reboot is performed only on vBlades.

    Correct Answer: A 

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    A (100%)


    Question #2Topic 1

    What information is typically submitted with every aXAPI call after the initial login is complete?

    • A. Authorization header with signature
    • B. The ACOS device serial number
    • C. The programming language being used
    • D. The AXAPI special permission XML file
    • E. Log file location
    Correct Answer: A 
    Question #3Topic 1

    What is the purpose of a VRRP-A floating-IP address?

    • A. To serve as a tie-breaker when selecting a VRRP-A owner.
    • B. To provide a single next hop IP address for uplink and downlink devices.
    • C. To use as source IP address for VRRP-A hellos.
    • D. To provide a single IP to manage all VRRP-A devices in the set.

    Correct Answer: B 

    Question #4Topic 1

    When vBlade A issues a “vcs vmaster-take-over 200” command, which statement is true?

    • A. The command is ignored when the current vMaster is in vMaster maintenance mode.
    • B. Any subsequent vmaster-take-over command within the chassis with a parameter smaller than 201 is ignored.
    • C. The 200 priority is compared to the current vmaster’s default vrid priority to determine which device controls the chassis.
    • D. If an administrator on vBlade B were to simultaneously issue command vcs vmaster-take-over 210, vBlade B would become the vMaster.

    Correct Answer: C 

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