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Amazon AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Exam

Amazon AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Exam

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Certification Provider: Amazon
Exam: AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of questions in the database: 62
Exam Version:  2023
Exam Topics:
  • Topic 1: Single Topic
  • Topic 2: More Questions.

    Topic 1 - Single Topic

    Question #1Topic 1

    Which of the following are ways that a user can interact with an Amazon Alexa skill using both voice and non-voice methods? (Choose three.)

    • A. Scrolling through a list
    • B. Selecting an action
    • C. Zooming in on an image
    • D. Pausing a video
    • E. Muting the device
    • F. Pairing with Bluetooth

    Correct Answer: DEF 

    Question #2Topic 1

    An Alexa Skill Builder wants a skill to inform the users of the number of times they have launched the skill.
    What approach should the Builder take to track this information?

    • A. Store and increment a launchCount session attribute.
    • B. Using the ASK SDK, implement a persistent attribute that is stored and retrieved from Amazon DynamoDB.
    • C. Perform a scan of the Amazon DynamoDB table for the number of records and count each record as a skill launch.
    • D. Set up a global variable in the code project that increments each time the code is invoked by Amazon Alexa.

    Correct Answer: B 

    Question #3Topic 1

    On Amazon Alexa enabled devices with a screen, which of the following standard built-in intents are handled by Alexa on the skill's behalf and are not forwarded to the skill? (Choose three.)

    • A. AMAZON.NextIntent
    • B. AMAZON.MoreIntent
    • C. AMAZON.ScrollDownIntent
    • D. AMAZON.PreviousIntent
    • E. AMAZON.StartOverIntent
    • F. AMAZON.NavigateHomeIntent

    Correct Answer: CEF 

    Question #4Topic 1

    An Alexa Skill Builder needs to set up an Amazon Alexa skill beta test.
    What user identifier should be used to add beta testers?

    • A. AWS account number
    • B. Alexa user email address
    • C. Amazon vendor ID
    • D. Amazon customer ID

    Correct Answer: B 

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